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Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal People (1996)

Volume 5: Renewal: A Twenty-Year Commitment

1. Laying the Foundations of a Renewed Relationship

1. A New Beginning

2. Content of the Proclamation and its Companion Legislation
2.1 Preamble
2.2 Procedure for the Recognition of Nations
2.3 The Treaty Processes
2.4 Lands and Resources
3. A Canada-Wide Framework Agreement
4. Gathering Strength
4.1 Social Issues and Structural Change
4.2 Four Dimensions of Social Change
4.3 Federal, Provincial and Territorial Contributions
5. Keeping Track of Progress
6. A Broad Mandate — An Interactive Strategy

2. Economic Disparities, Government Expenditures and the Cost of the Status Quo

1. The Cost of Forgone Production
2. Government Expenditures: The Burden of Remedial Costs
2.1 Federal Expenditures on Targeted Programs
2.2 Total Expenditures of all Governments
3. Dependency on Financial Assistance and Remedial Programs
4. Escalating Costs of the Status Quo

3. A Strategy for Renewal as a Good Investment

1. Financing Fundamental Change
2. Structural Measures: Establishing a New Relationship
3. Social and Economic Measures: Gathering Strength
4. Beyond the Twenty-Year Horizon
5. The Distribution of Costs and Gains Among Governments
6. Realizing the Gains: The Pace of Progress

4. Public Education: Building Awareness and Understanding

1. Introduction
2. Making Public Education a Reality
2.1 Creating Dialogue
2.2 Cross-Cultural Communication
3. Stakeholder Groups 3.1 Religious Institutions
3.2 Municipalities
3.3 Educational Institutions
3.4 Labour Unions
3.5 Professional Organizations
3.6 Other Stakeholders
4. Aboriginal Organizations
5. The Media
6. Symbols and Special Occasions
7. Governments
8. Resources
9. Immediate Steps

5. Constitutional Amendment: The Ultimate Challenge

1. The Canadian Amending Formula
2. Constitutional Amendments and the Commission
s Report
2.1 Amendments for Greater Certainty
2.2 Consequential Amendments
2.3 Institutional Amendments
2.4 Other Amendments

Appendix 5A Procedure for Amending the Constitution

Appendix A Summary of Recommendations, Volumes 1-5

Appendix B Tables of Contents, Volumes

Appendix C How We Fulfilled Our Mandate

Appendix D Research Studies Prepared for the Commission

Appendix E Ethical Guidelines for Research

Appendix F Research Advisory Committee Members

Appendix G Commission Publications

Appendix H Commission Staff and Advisers

Appendix I About the Logo


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