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Indigenous Rights


Discussion on Indigenous rights can be very confusing. This a lot of usage of the same expression by different people to mean different things. Hidden within that confusion can be purposed misdirection. Are Aboriginal rights under section 35 the same as sovereign Indigenous Immemorial rights? Is Aboriginal title the same as Indigenous sovereignty over land? What are international Inherent rights? The questions go on

What we have done is broken down these rights and laid them out to remove confusion. There are Indigenous rights, Crown rights, Indigenous-related rights and international rights. We use the term Immemorial rights for sovereign Indigenous rights; Crown-granted Fiduciary, Constitutional, Aboriginal, Treaty and Aboriginal title are referred to as Indigenous-related rights; finally, we use the term Inherent rights interchangeably with international rights associated with the United Nations.

Please, take time to read through this section to understand these rights. They may not be what they appear to be at first. For example, section 35 creates an alternate rights regime which disqualifies Indigenous Peoples from accessing their Inherent international rights. Use the navigation bar to select pages and page anchors.


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Last Updated July 28, 2019