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Northern Frontiers, Northern Homeland:

The Report of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry - Berger Report (1977)

Volume 2

Letter to the Minister

Part One: People: Social and Economic Concerns

1- Introduction: The Need for Balanced Development

2- Renewable Resources

3- Employment and Manpower Delivery

4- Action Communities

5- Northern Business

6- Transportation

Part Two: Environment and Land

7- The Physical Environment

8- Wildlife

9- Fish

10- Northern Conservation Lands

Part Three: The Project

11- Location, Construction Plan and Scheduling

12- Geotechnical Considerations

13- Terrain Consideration

14- River and Stream Crossings

15- Water Withdrawals

16- Waste Management

17- Management of Fuels and Hazardous Substances

18- Pipe Testing

19- Facilities Complexes and Equipment Operations

20- Aircraft Control

21- Project Regulation and Review

Part Four: Epilogue

22- Native Claims and Political Development in the Northwest Territories



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