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Northern Frontiers, Northern Homeland:

The Report of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry

Berger Report (1977)

Volume 1

Letter to The Minister

1- The North

  • Northern Frontier, Northern Homeland
  • The Northern Biome
  • Northern peoples

2- The Corridor Concept

  • The Corridor Concept and Cumulative Impact
  • The Northern Yukon Corridor and the Mackenzie Valley Corridor
  • The United States’ Interest in the Corridor

3- Engineering and Construction

  • The Project: Its Scope and Scale
  • Buried Refrigerated Pipeline: Frost Heave
  • The Construction Plan and Schedule

4- The Northern Environment

  • Environmental Attitudes and Environmental Values
  • Wilderness
  • Wilderness and Northern Land Use

5- The Northern Yukon

  • A Unique Heritage
  • The Pipeline and the Corridor
  • Man and the Land: Old Crow
  • Porcupine Caribou Herd
  • Other environmental Concerns
  • A National Wilderness Park for the Northern Yukon
  • An Alternative Route Across the Yukon

6- The Mackenzie Delta - Beaufort Sea Region

  • Man and the Land
  • Region and Environment
  • Industry’s Plans
  • Delta Region Impacts
  • Whales and a Whale Sanctuary
  • Offshore Concerns
  • Spill Clean-up
  • Summary

7- The Mackenzie Valley

  • The Region
  • The People and the Land
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Corridor Development
  • Balancing Development with the Environment

8- Cultural Impact

  • Cultural Impact: A Retrospect
  • Schools and Native Culture
  • The Persistence of Native Values
  • The Native Economy
  • Native Preferences and Aspirations

9- Economic Impact

  • The Development of the Northern Economy
  • Objectives of Economic Development
  • The Mixed Economy
  • The Local Experience of Economic Development
  • Impact and Returns
  • Employment on the Pipeline
  • If the Pipeline is Not Built

10- Social Impact

  • The Northern Population
  • Social Impact and Industrial Development
  • Specific Impacts
  • The Limits to Planning

11- Native Claims

  • History of Native Claims
  • Self-determination and Confederation
  • Native Claims: Their Nature and Extent
  • Native Claims: A Closer Examination
  • The Claim to Native Control of Education
  • The Claim to Renewable Resources
  • Native Claims and the Pipeline

12- Epilogue Themes for the National Interest


  • The Inquiry and Participants
  • Bibliographic Note and Terminology
  • Photographs and Diagrams
  • Acknowledgements

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