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Dr. J. Richard G. Herbert CEO

Dr. Herbert is a professional with a broad education. Initially trained in medical microbiology and immunology, molecular biology, research and development, and as a veterinarian and educator, he further honed his teaching, organizational, analytical, infrastructure development and written communication skills. During an eleven year period in solo veterinary practice in Northern Ontario, Dr. Herbert was exposed to the realities of northern living and saw the injustice done to Indigenous individuals and communities. He began to refocus his skills toward building solutions to those injustices in 1998 and has spent the last fourteen years in discussions, teaching, developing, and pursuing funding with Indigenous communities and their leadership.

Dr. Herbert became involved in discovering a general cultural process through which stolen Indigenous infrastructure could be developed and rebuilt. Rebuilt traditional infrastructures would need to respect traditional Indigenous law, customs and Immemorial rights while harmonizing with outside municipal, provincial, federal and international law and customs. These restored and reconciled Indigenous traditional infrastructures would allow Indigenous Peoples to take their place in the global community. The key to rebuilding and harmonizing traditional infrastructures with Canada lies dormant within Indigenous communities waiting to be reactivated by the traditional law carried by Elders. Dr. Herbert works through the charity he founded, CAID, to rebuild traditional infrastructure destroyed by Canada’s policy of forced assimilation. He provides capacity Indigenous Peoples need to organize and initiate their rebuilding processes.

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