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Arctic Climate Impact Assessment Report (2004)


Cover Page



Chapter 1:  An Introduction to the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment

Chapter 2:  Arctic Climate: Past and Present   

Chapter 3:  The Changing Arctic: Indigenous Perspectives  

Chapter 4:  Future Climate Change: Modeling and Scenarios for the Arctic  

Chapter 5:  Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation

Chapter 6:  Cryosphere and Hydrology

Chapter 7:  Arctic Tundra and Polar Desert Ecosystems

Chapter 8:  Freshwater Ecosystems and Fisheries  

Chapter 9:  Marine Systems

Chapter 10:  Principles of Conserving the Arctic’s Biodiversity

Chapter 11:  Management and Conservation of Wildlife in a Changing Arctic Environment

Chapter 12:  Hunting, Herding, Fishing, and Gathering: Indigenous Peoples and Renewable Resource Use in the Arctic

Chapter 13:  Fisheries and Aquaculture

Chapter 14:  Forests, Land Management, and Agriculture

Chapter 15:  Human Health  

Chapter 16:  Infrastructure: Buildings, Support Systems, and Industrial Facilities  

Chapter 17:  Climate Change in the Context of Multiple Stressors and Resilience   

Chapter 18:  Summary and Synthesis of the ACIA  


Appendix A:  Chapter Authors

Appendix B:  Biographies

Appendix C:  Reviewers

Appendix D:  Species Names

Appendix E:  Acronyms  

Appendix G:  Glossary  


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