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Indigenous Colonization and Assimilation Index

This Index can be used as a rudimentary Table of Contents for the colonization section of the Website. When exploring the site, use the Navigation bar to select different html pages and to select page topics within a page. The Introduction page can be found under Home and the HTML pages order flows from left to right on the navigation Bar.

I- Colonization Introduction

A/ Indigenous Jurisdiction


1. Indigenous Sovereignty

2. Crown Sovereignty


1. Indigenous Authority

2. Crown Authority


1. Crown Jurisdiction

2. Indigenous Jurisdiction

3. Jurisdictional Conflict

4. Inherent Jurisdiction

5. Delegated Jurisdiction

A. Crown-Delegated Jurisdiction

B. Jurisdictional Assimilation

II- Indigenous Rights Introduction

A/ Immemorial Rights




1. Communal

2. Land

3. Generational

Rights Recognition

B/ Crown Rights




C/ Indigenous-Related Rights


Fiduciary Rights

1. History

2. Implications

3. Moving Forward

Constitutional Rights

1. Treaty Rights

2. Aboriginal Rights

3. Alternate Rights Regime

4. Aboriginal Citizen

5. Moving Forward

Treaty Rights

1. Domestic Agreements

2. Intent of Treaties

3. Treaty Process Flaws

4. Treaty Discrimination

5. Moving Forward

Aboriginal Rights

1. Duty to Consult

2. Extinguishing Aboriginal Rights

3. Moving Forward

Aboriginal Title

1. Indigenous Title

2. An Aboriginal Right to Title

3. Moving Forward


D/ International Rights



Limits to UNDRIP Rights

1. Generational

2. Article 46

a. Safeguard Clause

b. Repugnant Clause

3. Government of Canada

III- Framework of Colonization Introduction

A/ Constitutional Tools


Section 91 (24)

Section 35

1. Treaty Rights

2. Aboriginal Rights

3. Aboriginal Citizens

4. Alternate Rights Regime

Section 25

Schedules to Constitution Act

Branches of Government

B/ Judiciary Tools


Rule of Law

1. Canadian Rule of Law

2. Indigenous Rule of Law

3. Aboriginal Law

Constitutional Law

Legislative Law

Common Law

1. Bias Against Indigenous Peoples

Moving Forward

1. Reconciliation of Rights

2. Resource management Rights

C/ Legislative Tools


Indigenous-Directed Legislation

1. Indian Act

Indigenous-Related Legislation

Indigenous-Omitting Legislation

D/ Executive Tools

Crown-Delegated Jurisdiction


1. Treaties and Land Claims

2. Self-Government Agreements

3. Indigenous Partnership Agreements

4. Sectoral Agreements


1. Mandate

2. Operational Practices

a. Funding

b Programming

IV- Indigenous Assimilation in Canada Introduction

A/ Assimilation Policies

Assimilation Policy

Historic Assimilation Policies

1. Unfulfilled Treaties

2. Rights Recognition

3. Indian Act

4. Cultural Genocide

a. Indian Act

b. Residential Schools

c. Child Welfare Agencies

d. Canadian Denial

5. Selective Funding

6. International Rights

7. Indigenous and Northern Affairs

Current Assimilation Policies

B/ Alternate Rights Regime


Alternate Rights Stream

1. New Rights

2. Aboriginal Citizens

3. Alternate Rights

Crown-Delegated Institutions

C/ Crown-Delegated Institutions


1. Crown-Delegated Jurisdiction

2. Three-Group Distinction

3. Alternate Rights Regime

Community Government

Indigenous Partners

1. Treaty Partners

2. National Partners

a. AFN Example

b. Summary

3. Institutional Partners

National Indigenous Government

V- Self-Determination Introduction

A/ Components of Self-Determination


1. Substance

a. Constitutive Aspect

b. Ongoing Aspect

2. Remedies

a. External Remedies

b. Internal Remedies

3. Sustainability

B/ Defining Indigenous ‘Peoples’


1. UN Policy on Peoples

a. UN Recognition

b. UN Restrictions

2. Canadian Policy on Peoples

a. Domestic Recognition

b. International Recognition

c. Canadian Restrictions

C/ Resource Sovereignty

Sovereignty and Resources

1. UN Policy on Resources

2. Canadian Policy on Resources

a. Extinguishing Self-Determination

i. Land Claim Agreements

ii. Self-Government Agreements

iii. Section 35 Treaty Rights

iv. Section 35 Aboriginal Rights

D/ Self-Determination In Canada

Self-Determination in Canada

1. Historical Violations

2. Ongoing Violations

Indigenous Right to Self-Determination

E/ Remedies for Self-Determination in Canada


1. Doctrine of State Sovereignty

2. Doctrine of Reversion

3. Moving Forward

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