Meaningful Consultation in Canada: The Alternative to Forced Aboriginal Assimilation

UN Recommendations on the Duty to Consult

UN Recommendations on Corporate Responsibilities

Senate Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples Report on Canada’s North

Arctic Perishable Food Mail Program Review and Recommendations

Amnesty International - Canada: Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

Indigenous Children's Health Report: Health Assessment in Action


Last Updated September 15, 2015

Northern Frontiers, Northern Homeland:

The Report of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry (1977) - Berger Report


Volume 1


Letter to The Minister


1- The North


2- The Corridor Concept


3- Engineering and Construction


4- The Northern Environment


5- The Northern Yukon


6- The Mackenzie Delta - Beaufort Sea Region


7- The Mackenzie Valley


8- Cultural Impact


9- Economic Impact


10- Social Impact


11- Native Claims


12- Epilogue Themes for the National Interest