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Rebuilding Indigenous Infrastructure Index

This Index can be used as a rudimentary Table of Contents for the infrastructure section of the Website. When exploring the site, use the Navigation bar to select different html pages and to select page topics within a page. The Introduction page can be found under Home and the HTML pages order flows from left to right on the navigation Bar.

I- Developing Indigenous Infrastructure Introduction

A/ Infrastructure Services Gaps

Infrastructure Gaps

Education Gap

Gap Resolution

Financing Rebuilding

B/ Resestablishing Indigenous Roles


Indigenous Roles

Loss of Indigenous Roles

Rebuilding Indigenous Roles

Starting Point

C/ Indigenous Health Infrastructure


Indigenous Health care

Moving Forward

D/ Infrastructure for Indigenous Management of Resources


Permanent Sovereignty to Land and Resources

Reconciliation Through Consultation and Self-Determination

Moving Forward

E/ Indigenous Veterinary Infrastructure

Country Food Infrastructure


Food Safety

Food Infrastructure

Wildlife Harvest Management

Harvest Rights

Traditional Economies

Community Dog Management


Public Health Crisis

1. Bites and Mauling Deaths

2. Disease and Rabies

3. Suffering and Cruelty

Dog Management Library

Anishinaabe Initiative

Anishinaabe Initiative Background

1. Trade and Commerce

2. Dog management

3. Traditional Roles

Documents - Publication

Frequently Asked Questions

II- Reconciliation by Rebuilding Indigenous Infrastructure


Infrastructure Definition and Dysfunction

Process of Rebuilding Infrastructure

1. Mechanism of Change

2. Elder Consultation

3. Pilot Project to define Services and Roles

4. Harmonization with Canadian Infrastructure

5. Removal of Hidden Barriers with Pilot Implementation

6. Dissemination of Pilot Infrastructure Frameworks

Pilot Program Development

Fear of Change

Need for and NGO


Concluding Remarks

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